Day 1 of CRA Town Bumps: 7 bumps and 5 row overs

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A strong first day for Cambridge ’99 at the CRA Town Bumps 2016 with 7 bumps and 5 row overs. Not bad for the hottest day of the year so far…

In the men’s divisions, M7 bumped twice, first in division 4 (vs X-Press 7) to become sandwich boat and again in division 3 (vs Cantabs 11).

M6 bumped up as well, even though they got caught in an emergency stop due to congestion, but a swift restart had them catching X-Press 5.

M5 bumped Cantabs 10 by  the A14 bridge, even with a start they described as the Harlem Shake. There are promises of a smoother start tomorrow…..

A very quick start by M4 had them bumping X-Press 4 before they knew it, just after the A14 bridge. In a similar performance, M3 bumped Champs 1 around the bridge as well. Unlucky for M2 who were caught by a fast starting Chesterton 1.

And finally M1 rowed over as part of a very tight trio of boats (Rob Roy 2 and St Neots) maintaining fourth position on the river.


In the women’s divisions, we had W6 getting bumped by Champs 7, and W5 getting close to Chesterton 3 but ultimately rowing over.

W4 fought off St Neots 2 for a rowover, with the cox steering beautifully tight lines around the corners. Bring it on tomorrow!

W3 rowed over comfortably in division 2 as sandwich boat then bumped up in division one (vs Rob Roy 2).

W2 rowed over but kept the pressure up on Cantabs 3 by staying within 1.5 lengths.

And last but not least, W1 rowed over to maintain position as third on the river.

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