Day 2 of CRA Town Bumps: 4 bumps and 6 row overs

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3 bumps for the men’s crews tonight. M5 bumped Cantabs 9 and M6 bumped Cantabs 10 within 32 strokes. M7 claim they bumped X-Press 6 even quicker but conveniently forgot to count strokes…..
Unfortunately, M4 got over-bumped by St Neots 2 but that places them chasing X-Press 4 (who M4 bumped on Tuesday). M3 and 2 both rowed over. M1 was caught by St Neots.

In the women’s divisions we had 4 row-overs by W1, W2, W4 and W5.
W2 had an epic row and finished the course only 1.5 lengths away from achieving a triple over-bump! W6 was caught by X-Press 3 but W3 made their second bump of the week against Champs 2 (and before First Post Corner too!).

Bring on Day 3!

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