Last Day of CRA Town Bumps – BLADES!!!

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A (slightly belated) update on the last night of bumps!
First of all….. BLADES! M5 and M6 had an outstanding week, and finish with willow, flags & blades.
Unfortunately, M7 rowed over the final night so although they have 4 bumps they just miss out on blades.
M1 rowed over to finish 2016 Town Bumps as fifth on the river, and M2 got bumped by Cantabs 4.
M3 bumped Rob Roy 3 and finish the week with 3 bumps & a row over.
M4 caught St Radegunds first boat so with 3 bumps up and one over-bump down they finish where they started at position 28.

W1 rowed over the final night to finish fourth on the river.
W2 bumped up for the second time, against Champs 1.
W3 completed their third bump of the week, taking City 4.
W4 suffered rudder failure at First Post Corner, and were caught first by the trees and then by St Neots.
W5 heroically rowed over every night of bumps. W6 took their four bumps down with humour and dressed up in style for the final nights’ race.

Well done to the Captains and crew coordinators for getting so many crews out each night. And well done to the Social Committee for putting on a superb After-Bumps Party!

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