Spring Regatta

This 1000m side-by-side race up the Long Reach is an enjoyable afternoon of racing in 8s, and is the perfect preparation for May bumps. Come and practice those racing starts and size up the opposition in your division.

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Autumn Regatta

The Autumn Regatta is held in early September, with all events being offered.

You name it, we’ll race it if we get opposition

The course is a 600m sprint along the river Cam, from the Railway Bridge to Ditton Corner. The maximum number of finals we’ve ever run was 70. Eights, fours, quads, pairs, doubles and singles; senior, veteran, and junior; open, women’s mixed, we’ve raced them all. Boating is from Ditton Meadows, which is accessible from the A14 avoiding city center. Car parking is free. Food is throughout the day – bacon rolls, tea, coffee, cake, and much more. BR entry is available on the British Rowing website and CRA entry is available through a form published before the event.

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What are the bumps?

A bumps race is a form of rowing race in which a number of boats chase each other in single file, each crew attempting to catch and “bump” the boat in front without being caught by the boat behind. (From Wikipedia)

The university and town clubs compete in different bumps, with the university event being in May, and the town event being held in the middle of July. The Bumps begin with a series of qualifiers, to determine which division a boat is to be placed into, boats who perform well are placed in the faster divisions.

The event itself runs over several evenings during the week, and the boats line up along the Cam, with a distance of a boat and a half length between them. All the boats start off at the same time, and the aim is to catch up with the boat ahead (bumping the boat) while not being caught themselves. The result of the overtakes carries over to the next race, until all the races have been completed.

Last Year’s Results


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