To Subscribe

Visit the following web pages and fill out the form for each list you want to join:

  • Racing squad – All currently training racing members
  • Social squad – Enjoying and improving rowing but not racing
  • Rowers – Goes to all active rowers (social and racers) – you can’t join – just sends to above lists
  • Events – All club events (socials, parties, dinners – only join if not on social or squad)
  • Announce – Stay in touch about our big events and newsletters – very few emails (only join if not on events, social or squad)

Once you have asked to be subscribed, you’ll get a message back explaining what to do next but basically you just have to reply to it – the action of replying generates another special subject line confirming that you want to join the list; the actual body text of your reply is unimportant.

When you successfully subscribe to a list and every month thereafter, a reminder message is sent. This contains vital information about how to manage your subscription and you should always keep at least one copy of this for future reference.

To Unsubscribe

Visit the management payday loans online web page given in the monthly subscription reminder e-mail messages sent to your address. You can unsubscribe from there. If you no longer have access to that account, please ask for help by sending e-mail to subscriptions -at-

To send a message

To send a message to everyone subscribed to the general list just send a normal email message to squad -at-

Your message is copied out to everyone so please do not send out big file attachments (ideally never send any attachments – ask the webmaster to store them on the site for you and provide you with a link). Always be suspicious of attachments you receive from people posting on the list, as they may be a result of the sender’s computer being infected with a virus; we have had very few incidents of this over the years fortunately, but it does still happen now and then.