People at the Club

Cambridge '99 Rowing Club benefits from a large number of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers, who make this club an amazing place to train and excel.
 They are led by the Rowing Committee, who oversee the day-to-day running of the club, and are supported by our Board of Directors.
Members of the Rowing Committee can be contacted by adding position@ (found below their name) to the front of



Club President :: Bonk Connoly

Juniors Captain :: Stu Cain :: juniors-captain@

Equipment Officer :: Richard Reumerman :: equipment-officer@

Club Captain :: Josie Harries :: captain@

Men's Vice Captain :: Nick Thorn :: mens-captain@

Learn to Row :: Debbie Jones :: learn@

Trailer Organiser :: Nick Thorn :: trailer@

Men's Captain :: Mike Champion :: mens-captain@

Welfare Officer :: Linda Kitching :: welfare@

Communications :: Steph Riach :: communications@

Boathouse Manager :: Steph Riach :: boathouse@

Women's Captain :: Linda Kitching :: womens-captain@

Water Safety Officer :: John Chapman :: watersafety@

Environmental Officer :: Steph Riach :: environmental@

Bar Management :: Tim Rushton

Cox Captain :: Kenneth Sandman :: cox-captain@

Membership Secretary :: Stacey Jamieson :: membership@

Social Secretary :: Hilary Harrison-Smith :: socialsec@

Coaching Captain :: Hilary Harrison-Smith :: coach-captain@

Kit Secretary :: Sarah Catchpole :: kit@

Race Entry Secretary :: Jana Wolf :: race-secretary@


Club Captain (captain@) - Josie Harries

Men's Captain (mens-captain@) - Mike Champion

Women's Captain (womens-captain@) - Christina Champion

Cox Captain (cox-captain@) - Dan Baillache

Men's Vice Captain (mens-captain@) - Nick Thorn

Coach Captain (coach-captain@) - Hilary Harrison-Smith

Juniors Captain (juniors-captain@) - Stu Cain




Membership Secretary (membership@) - Stacey Jamieson

Learn to Row (learn@) - Debbie Jones

Race Secretary (racesecretary@) - Jana Wolf

Equipment Officer (equipmentofficer@) - Martin Hillier and Joe Brunton

Welfare Officer (welfare@) - Linda Kitching

Boathouse Manager (boathouse@) - Steph Riach

Water Safety Officer (watersafety@) - John Chapman

Social Secretary (socialsec@) - Rob Sargent

Kit Secretary (kit@) - Vacant

Trailer Organiser (trailer@) - Nick Thorn

Communications (communications@) - Steph Riach

Envrionmental Officer (environmental@) - Steph Riach