Men’s Squad

The squad trains as a group in ergo sessions, weight sessions, circuits, running and water work. The squad is tested regularly throughout the year with 2000m and 5000m  pieces to monitor progress and follows a programme that begins in October to develop strength, power and endurance. We have a wealth of experience in the coaching team who work with crews on a regular basis, setting the work plan and identifying areas for improvement. From time to time we invite guest coaches in to bring fresh ideas to both rowers and coaches alike.

Racing takes place at both major national and smaller local events. We attend many races on the Cam each year including the famous Bumps races in which all squad members participate.

As a competitive squad we are always ready to welcome those looking to achieve success at a high level but we also welcome those new to the sport too. If you would like to join one of the strongest men’s teams in the region then please contact the Men’s Squad Captain.

Women’s Squad

The women’s section of the club has seen spectactular growth in the last few years. In 2003 we took an eight to the WHORR for the first time in many years and finished 75th. In 2006 our entry had grown to three eights with both the first and second eight finishing within the top 50, something achieved by only 4 other non-student clubs. We now usually send two to three eights to the Women’s Head of the River.

Like the men’s squad, we race at various national and local levels in both sweep and sculling events. We have a good team of three or four coaches and are lucky in that most outings are coached. We encourage as many as possible to take up sculling as well as sweep rowing and provide a carefully structured training plan each year.

We are always looking for new members, whether experienced rowers, beginners or coxes. If you’re interested in joining the most exciting women’s squad in the region then please contact the Women’s Squad Captain.

Cox’s Squad

Most people think of small, loud, shouty people when they think of the word 'cox'. While some of those attributes are true when it comes to coxes, they aren't necessarily. Coxes are responsible for steering the boat, making calls to tell the rowers what to do, and most importantly keeping their crew safe on the water. Each and every cox is integral for the progress and success of their crews - without one a crew couldn't even get out on the water.

At Nines, coxes are members of their crews, and enjoy a friendly and supportive atmosphere where they are truly appreciated for all of their hard work from the 9th (or 5th) seat. Throughout the year Nines holds a series of workshops aimed at improving coxing for the local clubs, both Town and Gown. This year 'Coaching the Coxes' has seen great success, including a talk from Zoe Davies, coxswain of Molesey M1, on steering the Tideway Heads.

If you are interested in learning how to cox, please do not hesitate to contact the Cox's Squad Captain.

Junior’s Squad

If you would like to know more about our Junior's Learn to Row courses or if you can already row and are interested in joining the Junior's squad, please contact the Junior's Squad Captain.

Junior rowing Squads

The junior squads operate on five levels:

Junior Learn to Row Squad:

A ten week introduction course (every quarter) to achieve British Rowing Go Row levels 1,2 and 3 and also readiness for joining the Nines Junior squad (J3 Squad).

Development focus: training and water safety, equipment handling, rowing technique.

Junior 3 (J3) Squad:

Junior rower development programme to reach the standard required to enter the Nines racer squads (J2). This also forms a casual rowing squad for those not wishing to join the racers.

Development focus: water and training safety, boat handling, rowing technical and movement patterns.

Target races (for rowers who are ready):

Cambridge Christmas Head;

Cambridge City Sprints;

Group trials to enter J2 and J1 squads take place twice a year in October and March.

Individual trials can be arranged for race experienced juniors wishing to join our racing squads directly.

Junior 2 (J2) Racer Squad:

For juniors wanting to join a performance racing squad.

Development focus: Long term athlete development in strength, conditioning, movement patterns, water technique and skills to race at local races and regional regatta.

Target Race: Peterborough Summer Regatta (plus up to 12 other races annually).

Junior 1 (J1) Racer Squad:

For juniors wanting to join a higher performance racing squad.

Development focus: Long term athlete development in strength, conditioning, movement patterns, water technique, skills and psychology to race at local, regional, and national level racing.

Target Race: Junior British Championships / Henley Regatta (plus up to 18 other races annually).

GB Trialists:

Long term athlete development in strength, conditioning, movement patterns, water technique, skills and psychology to race at local races, regional, national and international racing, and GB selection.

Target Races: Specified by GB Rowing (up to 21 other races annually).

Please note:  We will consider goals and aspirations of all junior rowers. Every J1 and J2 member will have an annual review, where other individual race targets are considered.

Time and sessions

Learn to Row: 2 sessions per week for 10 weeks.
Thursday 4:30pm - 6:15pm
Saturday 12:00pm - 2:00pm

J3 sessions:
Thursday 12 pm: Water or land conditioning session.
Sunday 12 pm: Water session.

J1 and J2 racers select which training sessions they attend from the list below.
J2 (3 - 6 sessions per week) or
J1 (4 - 6 sessions per week):
Tuesday 4:30 pm: Land conditioning session.
Thursday 4:30 pm: Water / Land conditioning session.
Friday 6:30 pm: Strength and conditioning session.
Saturday 9 am Water session.
Saturday 9 am Water session.
Saturday 12 pm: Water / Land conditioning session.


The Learn to Row course is held every quarter, and consists of twenty sessions (10 weeks x 2 sessions). The sessions run on Thursday (4:30pm to 6:15 pm) and Saturday (12:00pm to 2:00 pm). The cost of the total course is £200.
Please contact the Junior's Squad Captain for the next start date.

The membership fee for the squads (J3 and above) is £65 per month; this comes with a high level of coaching and an excellent coach to junior ratio.